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We’ve seen the news – violence is up; homicides in America are at historic levels.  We can no longer afford to ignore the possibility that it could strike at our office.  What can we do to prepare?  Is there any way to prevent becoming the victim of violence in your office?  

In the last few years, isolation, stress, and fear have grabbed us as never before in recent history.   Mental health professionals are overwhelmed, money is tight, and the service industry has been forced to place signs on their doors asking customers to be kind to their employees.  We must now exceed required training to give our employees tools to prevent and properly handle the unpredictable situations that will inevitably come through our doors.  Whether it be angry customers, disgruntled coworkers, domestic violence issues that spill over into the workplace, or an individual stressed out and fed up who chooses your office and your employees to terrorize, we must plan as never before.

In this session, we will look at recent cases and discuss best practices for prevention, de-escalation, and critical response, as well as the importance of situational awareness and risk avoidance. 


Session Highlights:

Signs of aggression  
 Domestic violence spillover
Situational awareness
 Beyond robbery
The high cost of complacency        
Recognizing & handling threats
Eliminating & avoiding risk      
De-escalation techniques
Reeactionary gap
Case studies


Questions we will address:

How can we protect ourselves from violence?

How should we deal with the increasing number of angry and frustrated customers we are seeing?

What things should be reported if I notice odd behavior from my coworkers?

I don’t want to be paranoid, but there’s a guy who comes in my bank, and he gives me the creeps.  Am I overreacting?



Carol Dodgen

Carol Dodgen is the owner of Dodgen Security Consulting. Since 1998, her company has been providing services for businesses, financial institutions, and government entities to include training, ATM lighting inspections, and security assessments. Before forming her company, Carol served as the security training officer for Compass Bank. She earned her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and spent several years as an adjunct criminal justice instructor. Carol is a nationally recognized speaker who has provided training for over 100,000 corporate, manufacturing, utility, law enforcement, and security personnel over the past 26 years. Carol earned her CPD (Crime Prevention Designation) and provides instruction on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Workplace Violence Prevention and Response, Robbery Prevention and Response, and Personal Safety. Carol has recently produced several video and e-learning training programs. In 2009, Carol was appointed by the governor to serve on the newly formed Alabama Security Regulatory Board and served for 6 years as vice-chair of this board which regulates the security guard industry in the state

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5 star rating

Violence: Is it Coming to Your Office?

Nancy Stroud

Very good material and presentation.

Very good material and presentation.

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