About BOL Learning Connect

Since 2002, we've brought the world's top banking experts directly to you through our online webinars.  With more than 300 on-demand webinars — and new ones added nearly every week — we are a one-stop shop for all your bank's compliance training needs.

Why On-Demand Training?

When it comes to training, you need it when you need it!

With our On-Demand programs, YOU control the timing! Your employees learn on an as-needed, as-convenient basis. No more waiting for a specific day and time for a live event. Instead, your employees receive timely information to equip them to confidently and competently perform their job duties.

The key to preventing enforcement actions is making sure every employee is adequately trained. Employees retain more of what they learn when the training is delivered when they can put the training into effect immediately. Effectiveness is the essence of On-Demand.

What is an All-Access Passport?

An All-Access Passport is an single-user subscription service from BOL Learning Connect.  The service includes over 300 pre-recorded webinars, the associated materials and follow-up Q & A. Subscribers also enjoy 50% off all live webinars. Webinars are available on a wide range of topics, including compliance, lending, operations, security and technology.  

Your personal All-Access Passport webinar library is constantly being updated. Webinars become available within 24 hours of the event.  The webinars remain in your personal My Webinars portal throughout the term of your subscription.  The training webinars may be accessed from anywhere and on any device – computer, laptop or mobile device.

How Do I Purchase an All-Access Passport?

You can purchase an All-Access Passport subscription online using a credit card. Once the transaction clears you will be given immediate access to the entire webinar library for your personal use, and will have the ability to register for our live webinars at a 50% discount. If you prefer to be billed directly, please contact us.

 To access any program click on My Webinars and select the program you wish to view.

If you are responsible for ensuring your staff is adequately trained you might prefer a group membership.   We offer a deep discount for additional subscribers. Contact us for details at 888-229-8872, ext. 89, or email mpetry@bankersonline.com.

Can I Share My Subscription?

By subscribing to the service, you agree to access the webinar and materials solely for your own use. Your subscription is uniquely yours and may not be shared with others. You will earn a digital certificate for completing the webinar, and will be able to track your progress through your own personal training portal.

Additional subscriptions for other members of your compliance team are available for as low as $595/year. Contact Michele Petry at 888-229-8872 ext. 89 or mpetry@bankersonline.com.

Enterprise-level site licensing is also available. Please contact Michele Petry for details, 888-229-8872 ext. 89.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a 100% NO-RISK satisfaction guarantee.  If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your purchase you may cancel within the first 7 days of your subscription and you will receive a full refund.  An All-Access Passport is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan renews year. You may cancel your subscription at any time after the first 7 days by cancelling the Auto-Renew option in your account under Billing. No prorated refunds will be processed; your subscription will simply terminate an the end of your payment period.

Who We Are

BOL Learning Connect is brought to you by the people behind BankersOnline.com, BankCompliance.com and BOL Conferences. We've trained over 500,000 bankers since 2002 as well as hundreds of regulators from every regulatory agency (FDIC, OCC, CFPB, NCUA and the FED). BOL Learning Connect is owned and operated by the Glia Group, Inc. It's three principles include Mary Beth Guard, Michele Petry and Carin Eisenhauer.

Mary Beth Guard is the CEO of Glia Group, Inc. (which produces BOL Learning Connect) and also its Director of Curriculum Development. In addition to being one of the four co-founders of BankersOnline, Mary Beth is also the director of BankCompliance.com (formerly BOL Insiders), the premier subscription-based online compliance service. Mary Beth has presented training programs for virtually every major national financial industry association, as well as more than a dozen state bankers associations and a host of other organizations. She is a frequent presenter of webinars and seminars. In addition, Mary Beth has written more than a thousand banking-related articles and is BOL Guru #1.

Michele Petry is President of the Glia Group and is responsible for marketing and the strategic direction of the company. Carin Eisenhauer serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Glia Group and is responsible for coordinating the training curriculum and the day-to-day operations of the company.


Contact us via phone at 888-229-8872. For billing questions contact Brenda, brenda@bankersonline.com, ext. 802. For sales contact Tobi, tobi@bankersonline.com, ext.801. For any other issue contact Carin, carin@bankersonline.com, ext. 87.