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Course description

Examiners insist on a risk-based approach to doing business. This presentation is designed to identify the most common -- and costly -- security-related risks and accompanying mistakes that an institution may experience. The critical mistakes -- and the proposed remedies -- are categorized into several topic concentrations to simplify the process. Both the mistakes and remedies are drawn from BOL Guru Barry Thompson’s and Randy Phillip’s extensive experience as a security consultants, trainers and writers. This presentation isn't based upon theory -- it's a "real-life, real-time" program relating to issues that may contribute to more than 75% of an institution's losses.

The Security Officer isn't the only position responsible for these mistakes, however -- the 

Board of Directors and other institution components also play a role in risk reduction and loss avoidance. By understanding the cause and effect relationships involving the creation of an effective security function and establishing appropriate risk reduction techniques, the Security Officer may use these examples to design and implement a standardized, institution-wide Security Program that both reduces losses and increases profit.

Who Should Attend:

New Security Officers learning about the risks involved with physical security programs.

Experienced security officers who want to be sure they haven’t made any major errors.

Internal or external auditors who have a minimal understanding with physical security requirements.

Anyone with the following titles:

  • Security Officers
  • Security Assistants
  • Directors
  • Auditors
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Risk management personnel


Barry Thompson and Randall Phillips

Course curriculum

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    • 25 Critical Mistakes a Smart Institution NEVER Makes “Updated”

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