Course description

Join us for an insightful webinar tailored for CEOs, CMOs, marketing directors, and coordinators. Explore the world of Generative AI, understand its fundamentals, and learn how to leverage it to enhance efficiency in your marketing strategies.

Key Learning Objectives of this Topic:

  • The basics of Generative AI - ChatGPT is one of many AI programs you can use
  • Pros and cons of using AI
  • How generative AI is transforming the financial marketing landscape.
  • Key applications, from personalized campaigns to data-driven content creation.
  • How to use AI in marketing to increase efficiency and generate written and visual content
  • How to use AI to create complete marketing campaigns including, social media, blogs, visual assets and in branch pop
  • Strategies to overcome challenges and navigate ethical considerations.


Executive Advisor - Marketing Strategy and Customer Experience

Lisa Beck Schuck

Lisa Beck Schuck is a nationally recognized strategic marketing executive and business development professional with an extensive background in the financial services and mid-sized business arena. she has successfully transitioned brands and created a national brand with three unique business units. Lisa's experience encompasses a broad spectrum of financial industry knowledge, skills and experience. Skilled at developing and leading teams to successfully achieve growth plans, she demonstrates a proven success creating sales and marketing strategies on a national platform evolving brands to match business objectives.

Course curriculum

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