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Course description


The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) has contained rules for administering escrow accounts for many years. The Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) requires escrow accounts in connection with higher-priced mortgage loans. The interagency flood regulations were amended effective October 1, 2015 to add revised escrow rules. 

This webinar covers all of the escrow rules, including the long standing and the recently revised requirements of the flood regulations, Regulation X and Regulation Z.


This program provides comprehensive coverage of the flood regulations, Regulation X and Regulation Z escrow rules. We explain, step-by-step, how to establish, maintain, and cancel escrow accounts under the amended requirements. In addition, suggestions for avoiding violations and penalties are provided.

Program participants receive a detailed manual that provides a thorough explanation of all the escrow rules. Both the program and the program materials are updated for the Dodd-Frank revisions to the regulations.

Upon completion of this program participants understand:

  • Which loans are required by Regulation Z and the flood regulations to have escrow accounts, and which are exempt; 
  • The limitations on the amount of the required escrow payments at origination and over the life of the loan; 
  • How to conduct an escrow analysis; 
  • How to determine an escrow account computation year; 
  • The calculation of the amount of the allowed cushion; 
  • The rules for preparing the initial escrow account disclosure statement; 
  • The TRID rules regarding the escrow notices required in the Closing Disclosure; 
  • The expanded Flood Hazard Notice for Escrow information; 
  • The flood insurance option to escrow notice; 
  • How to prepare the annual escrow account statement; 
  • How to resolve a surplus, a deficiency or a shortage; 
  • Revised Regulation X rules for timely escrow payments and treatment of escrow balances; 
  • Regulation Z rules regarding escrow cancellation notices; 
  • The recordkeeping rules for escrow accounts; and 
  • The penalties for the failure to submit an initial or annual escrow account statement. 


Jack Holzknecht

Jack Holzknecht is the CEO of Compliance Resource, LLC. He has been delivering the word on lending compliance for 39 years. In Jack's 34 years as a trainer over 125,000 bankers (and many examiners) have participated in his live seminars and webinars. Jack's career began in 1976 as a federal bank examiner. He later headed the product and education divisions of a regional consulting company. There he developed loan and deposit form systems and software. He also developed and presented training programs to bankers in 43 states. Jack has been an instructor at compliance schools presented by several state bankers associations. He developed and delivered compliance training for the FDIC and OTS for ten years. He is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and a member of the National Speakers Association. He is also a "BOL Guru."

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