Terms and Conditions

Subscription prices are based on a minimum one-year subscription. Early cancellation will be subject to a penalty fee of 25% of the remaining balance.

The material and presentations contained within the BOL Learning Connect Subscription Service are licensed for use by an “Individual Subscriber” or a “Multi-User Subscriber” and are not to be reproduced, distributed, modified, or used to create derivative works based upon the course content.

An "Individual Subscriber" refers to a subscription by one individual only (“Individual Subscription”).

A "Multi-User Subscriber" refers to an entity, organization, or institution (herein designated as the subscribing organization) that subscribes to the Services for use by its employees.

“Multi-User” licenses may be transferred to other individuals within the subscribing organization but must be approved by the designated administrator of the subscribing organization and the subscription must be in good standing. An “Individual” user license may be transferred to another user provided the subscription continues to be in good standing.

The “Multi-User Subscriber” agrees on behalf of itself and its authorized end users, where applicable, to treat password, usernames, and other security information as confidential and to not provide any other person with access to the Subscription Website or portions of it using Subscriber’s Authentication Information. Subscriber will notify the Company immediately of any unauthorized access to, or use of, Authentication Information.

Duplication or distribution beyond employees of the subscribing organization is strictly prohibited.