Wire Transfer Fraud - $$$$$

Recorded on October 06, 2016   |   With Rayleen Pirnie

Wire Transfer Fraud - $$$$$

With Rayleen Pirnie
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Course description

ICB Credit: 2.5 CRCM

According to the FBI, U.S. businesses have already lost an estimated $180 million to ONE form of wire fraud alone; many of those businesses didn't survive the loss. In mid-2015, a San Jose, California-based networking equipment company disclosed it lost $46.7 million through a scam where the company was tricked into unwittingly wiring money to fraudsters.

Criminals are constantly evolving their scams to circumvent your expectations and controls. This course will arm you with vital information on the latest scams fraudsters are using to rob businesses -- and their banks -- of their assets. From business email compromise to supply chain fraud, every business and bank is at risk as these crafty tricksters are looking for a big payday from your bottom line.

Join us to:

  • Learn how the most common forms of wire fraud occur
  • Identify sound business practices to thwart these common forms of fraud
  • Isolate security procedures every organization needs, from education to transfer request controls

This program will cover each of the following forms of fraud:

  • Business email compromise
  • Supply chain fraud
  • False invoices
  • Account takeover

Additional schemes may also be discussed, as wire transfer fraud changes rapidly. Each discussion will include an explanation of the fraud, how it occurs, detection and mitigation strategies, and more.

Who Should Attend:

Operations / Wire Transfer Department; Account Officers; Compliance / Audit; Bank staff who receive and/or process wire transfer requests; Bank staff who manage internal transfers (i.e., who approve and send wire transfers for the bank)

Course Curriculum

Wire Transfer Fraud – $$$$$
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Rayleen Pirnie
Rayleen Pirnie

Rayleen is the founder and owner of RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC based in Missouri. She is a nationally recognized payments risk and fraud expert who offers specialized consulting services, procedural and risk management reviews, and payments education. Rayleen’s specialized skill is delving into the world beyond the payment rules; areas where organizations often find themselves in positions of liability or loss with little to no clear guidance. Her programs help organizations identify and mitigate risk and exposure from multiple disciplines. She is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP) who has worked with all payment systems for 20 years. Rayleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.