Wire Transfer Fraud Prevention Programs

Recorded on June 5, 2019   |   With Rayleen Pirnie

Wire Transfer Fraud Prevention Programs

With Rayleen Pirnie
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Course description

Gaps in a bank’s wire transfer fraud program open the institution to significant risk including financial loss, compliance issues, lawsuits, and more. Gather your team and existing program while we get down-and-dirty with the most common deficiencies in bank programs and discuss tips to create a program that meets your strategic objectives while protecting the bank and its customers from unnecessary risk.

Attendees will review guidance and true cases where banks suffered financial losses for failures to properly implement provisions under the UCC, and discuss how implementing security controls can strengthen a bank’s defences.

In this session we will explore:

  • Most common wire transfer frauds affecting customers and banks*
  • Gaps that expose a bank to financial loss and risk
  • Important contract provisions
  • Security controls demonstrating success at detecting fraud
  • Practical tips for implementing FFIEC guidance
  • Recent shifts in wire transfer fraud insurance coverage
  • Tips for successful customer education

Learning Level: Intermediate – *Suggest an understanding of the types of wire fraud as these are not defined or covered in-depth. The focus is more on the bank’s wire fraud program, not fraud types.

AAP and CERP credits


  • Guidance and resources list
  • Internal training quiz with separate answer sheet
  • Wire Transfer Program checklist – top 10 considerations for community banks


Auditors, compliance officers, frontline personnel, wire transfer personnel, deposit operations management and personnel, security officers

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Wire Transfer Fraud Prevention Programs
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Rayleen Pirnie
Rayleen Pirnie

Rayleen is the founder and owner of RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC based in Missouri. She is a nationally recognized payments risk and fraud expert who offers specialized consulting services, procedural and risk management reviews, and payments education. Rayleen’s specialized skill is delving into the world beyond the payment rules; areas where organizations often find themselves in positions of liability or loss with little to no clear guidance. Her programs help organizations identify and mitigate risk and exposure from multiple disciplines. She is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP) who has worked with all payment systems for 20 years. Rayleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.