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Virtual Currency continues to emerge as a hot button for BSA/OFAC and other potential risks including utilizing virtual currency as payment of illegal products and services and as payment for ransomware.  In spite of the volatile exchange rates, more and more of the population is investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Financial institutions are challenged with determining the risks these customers and related transactions present.    Investments are not just made via a cryptocurrency App but also via Bitcoin ATMs, which allows for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, with little KYC (Know Your Customer) information collected. Is your financial institution aware of the risks and rewards for banking users and exchangers of virtual currency?  As these entities look for a financial institution to conduct their business through, it is prudent to know which audit controls should be put in place to ensure the program meets regulatory expectations.


In this 60 minute webinar, you will learn how virtual currency operates and its place in the fiat currency world.  We will provide detail on the U.S banking system’s role in processing these transactions and upcoming regulatory changes which will allow financial institutions to serve as currency exchangers.  We will also review how to differentiate investors from exchangers and provide guidance on how to identify these transactions.   We will discuss FinCEN and the U.S. Treasury advisories regarding the risk virtual currency transactions could present and explore monitoring protocols and SAR-filing responsibilities relating to virtual currency transactions.  



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Robin Guthridge

Robin has a strong background in Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, leadership, and sales management. In addition to performing BSA examinations and validations of automated surveillance monitoring systems, she provides high level consultations regarding all aspects of the BSA and assists institutions with post examination remediation and enforcement action resolution. Robin is a sought-after speaker for local, state, and national industry events and provides customized BSA and deposit compliance training solutions. Her firsthand experience working in the financial services industry allows Robin to provide meaningful insight and helpful recommendations in the areas of BSA, Title 31, and deposit compliance. Her goal is to exceed expectations with every contact.

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Navigating the Virtual Currency World

Maggie De Leon

I still don't feel like I have a good understanding of what virtual currency really is or of all of the go between parties or how does one become one of thos...

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I still don't feel like I have a good understanding of what virtual currency really is or of all of the go between parties or how does one become one of those parties. Still can't grasp how or why all governments would even allow such type of currency to exist if they can't follow the money trail. The Trainer knew the topic well. I guess I just need more in-depth or visuals than what one hour can cover.

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