Auditing TRID

Recorded on August 02, 2017   |   With Jerod Moyer

Auditing TRID

With Jerod Moyer
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ICB Credit: 2.5 CRCM

Are you looking for a different angle on TRID? Potential audit and examination hot spots? If so, we have your prescription. Join us for a two-hour Auditing TRID webinar.

We will look at the TRID requirements from the auditor and examiner's perspective. We'll provide insight on the hots spots they will be looking at and any lurking around the corner. Whether it's confusion with the TRID vs. HMDA vs. ECOA application dates, the shopping requirements, tolerances, changed circumstances or construction loans you can bet we will cover it and much, much more!

  • Application Date Differences - TRID vs. HMDA vs. ECOA
  • Shopping - The list, Can, Can't, Did and Did Not Shop
  • The TRID Loan Purpose
  • Loan Costs vs. Other Costs - What Goes Where?
  • Cash to Close in Plain English
  • Changed Circumstances
  • Calculating Title Insurance the TRID Way
  • Tolerance Cures

This webinar is designed for loan officers, loan processors, compliance, audit and other loan operations personnel.

Webinar Reviews: 

excellent materials - dl_welch

Excellent - powers

Jerod appears very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. He explained things very well. Easy to understand. - DebbieHudson

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Auditing TRID
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Jerod Moyer
Jerod Moyer

Jerod is the leader of Banker's Compliance Consulting's seminar and training productions. His background includes over 16 years in the regulatory compliance field. He is an accomplished teacher and conducts various compliance seminars and webinars for Banker's Compliance Consulting. Jerod has also been a speaker for the American Bankers Association and BankersOnline; many state banking associations and schools, as well as, various webinars.

Jerod is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and BankersOnline Guru.