2019 BSA/AML Top Gun Conference

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2019 BSA/AML Top Gun Conference

With BOL Conferences
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Course description

Remarks from FinCEN 

Hear directly from FinCEN what the hot buttons and new initiatives are, with insight into trends in SAR filings and what you need to know now. FinCEN will also discuss recent case studies and updates and virtual currency regulations.

What Happened Since Last Year?

This session provides a high level overview of BSA/AML developments from the last twelve months. We'll deliver a fast-paced look at enforcement actions, new guidance, exceptive relief, any rule changes, exam manual updates, and AML matters in the news.

Risk Assessments: Theory v. Application 

BSA Risk Assessments are a crucial part of any BSA Compliance Program. The FFIEC exam manual guides us on what needs to be included in one. But what do we do with the risk assessment and the results when it is completed? This presentation will cover the theory of a BSA Risk Assessment -- and the application of the risk assessment based on the results. Testing, quality control, and issues remediation will be a few of the discussion points.

The CDD & EDD Fifth Pillar: Beyond Beneficial Ownership 

Although beneficial ownership has grabbed the headlines in 2018, the fifth pillar has three other requirements that we cannot overlook. We dissect the requirements and discuss evolving expectations and proactive steps to take to ensure compliance with all the fifth pillar requirements.

OFAC - What You Need to Know NOW 

The latest U.S. sanctions are the most complex ever. This session will help you prepare your OFAC program for your next exam. This session will help you understand the fundamentals of International Sanctions as it explores hot topics such as the changes in sanctions affecting Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and North Korea. It will highlight common mistakes and misconceptions, cover OFAC and Beneficial Ownership, and help you prepare your OFAC program for your next exam.

Marijuana, CBD, and More 

A recent article in Rolling Stone was titled "Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Weed." Medical marijuana is legal (at the state level) in more than 30 states and 10 states have even legalized recreational use of pot, but the federal view is more murky than ever. What's a BSA officer to do? What should be considered a marijuana-related business? What's the scoop on CBD? What are the effects of the 2018 Farm Bill? What came out of the 2/13/19 congressional hearing on banking for marijuana businesses?

EDD/CDD on High Risk Customers 

Once you have determined you have a high risk customer, what next? Your EDD documentation and analysis should be customer specific. We'll talk about what triggers an Enhanced Due Diligence inquiry, whether all EDD inquiries are the same. We will also discuss how frequently you should review, the standard for keeping the KYC information current, and challenges that may present themselves in EDD monitoring and recordkeeping.

Q & A 

Your questions answered.

Disguising What They Do

When a prospective customer realizes you wouldn't knowingly bank them (because they are engaged in illicit or illegal activity or will present a level of risk or extra you are not willing to embrace), they may go to great lengths to conceal what they're up to. This session is designed to help you detect these "masters of disguise" and we will examine strategies for seeing through the masquerades so you can make an informed decision "to bank or not to bank."

Financial Investigations by HSI 

The Department of Homeland Security ICE Homeland Security Investigations has a network of offices across the country investigating illicit finance and proceeds of crime. Some of the suspicious activity you report may spark one of their investigations. This session provides insight into how HSI operates and what patterns of illicit financial activity HSI considers relevant when bankers are monitoring their customers and filing Suspicious Activity Reports.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring Across Business Lines 

When business lines outside of the BSA Department are responsible for aspects of monitoring such as fraud, treasury management services, trust, lending and IT, it can present challenges for the BSA officer who is charged with overall responsibility for managing the BSA Program. This session focuses on how to build bridges and ensure oversight and accountability for BSA compliance throughout the organization.

BSA Pepper 

In this "lightning round" session, Terri Luttrell takes the lead with the panel of experts discussing a wide range of topics, including NGOs, alternate authentication of identity for online accounts, practical suggestions for determining when an entity should be considered high risk, SAR "magic words," challenges presented by new financial services, risk rating trusts, EDD questions to ask, when/if negative news should trigger a SAR filing, what we're hearing about regulators wanting you to consider customers with PSP professional designations as high risk, resolving exceptions on verifying identity of beneficial owners, updating CIP information, and more!

Q & A 

Your questions answered.

Anatomy of an HSI Case 

Mix together a famous furniture store, a well-known reality show star, and add heaping helpings of bank fraud, necrolarceny, and money laundering and the result is not good. In this session you'll hear how Homeland Security Investigations ferreted out the facts and laid the groundwork for successful prosecution of the perpetrators.

Model Governance: Monitoring System Management 

Examiners and auditors scrutinize transaction monitoring systems and OFAC interdiction systems. Many financial institutions have created Systems or Analytics positions within their institution to manage their various BSA/AML/OFAC systems. This presentation goes beyond the simple Data Validation and Model/ Efficiency Validation. Building out an enterprise BSA Model Governance program will provide any auditor or examiner with all the information they need to know regarding your institution's transaction monitoring system, OFAC interdiction system, and the management of said systems. Model Purpose, Tuning and Optimization, and Roles and Responsibilities are just a few of the discussion points in this session.

Insider Red Flags and Investigations 

The delicate nature of investigating and reporting upon suspicious activity involving an insider requires careful, strategic action to avoid missteps that can lead to accusations of employer misconduct, harm to customers and substantial reputation and financial consequences.

Q & A 

Your questions answered.

Course Curriculum

Remarks from FinCEN and What Happened Since Last Year?
Risk Assessments: Theory vs. Application and The CDD & EDD Fifth Pillar: Beyond Beneficial Ownership
OFAC - What You Need to Know NOW and Marijuana, CBD, and More
EDD/CDD on High Risk Customers and Q & A
Disguising What They Do, Financial Investigations by HSI and Suspicious Activity Monitoring Across Business Lines
BSA Pepper and Q and A
Anatomy of an HSI Case and Model Governance: Monitoring System Management
Insider Red Flags and Investigations Q & A
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BOL Conferences
BOL Conferences

Victor Cardona

Mechanics Bank 

Victor R. Cardona is currently Senior Vice President, BSA Officer at Mechanics Bank in Southern California with oversight responsibility of their Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the bank's BSA/AML and OFAC compliance program. Victor has over 14 years of banking experience that includes both operations and BSA/AML compliance. 

Victor has held positions from BSA Analyst to BSA Risk Officer before becoming a BSA Officer. Victor's experience includes smaller community banks within the $1 - $3.5 billion asset size, such as Plaza Bank and Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach, to larger regional and mid-size banks within the $7 - $40 billion asset size, such as Opus Bank and City National Bank in downtown Los Angeles. 

Victor was awarded one of FinCEN's annual Law Enforcement Award for assisting in one of six significant criminal investigation cases. As the BSA Officer, Victor's contributions "played an important role in a joint investigation by the FBI, IRS-CI, and the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California, which led to the dismantling of an organized criminal enterprise that participated in bank fraud, conspiracy to operate an unlicensed wholesale distribution of drugs, and money laundering". 

Since 2015, Victor has served on the faculty of the BankersOnline BSA/AML Top Gun Conferences, and consistently spoken at the ACAMS Annual AML & Financial Crimes Conference in Las Vegas. Other speaking engagements include the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE): Los Angeles Chapter, and the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators: Southern California Chapter. Victor also recently graduated from the Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Citizens Academy through their Los Angeles field office. 

Victor received his Bachelor's Degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Accounting, and his MBA from Utica College in Economic Crime & Fraud Management. Victor also attended the police academy at the Golden West College Criminal Justice Training Center where he received a Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Justice. Victor is CAMS certified and currently sits on the Executive Board of the ACAMS Southern California Chapter as their Co-Chair. 

Brian Crow

Thomas Compliance Associates, Inc.

Brian Crow is Executive Vice President at Thomas Compliance Associates, Inc. in Chicago, IL. Brian brings 20 years of prior banking experience to the consulting field. He was most recently Assistant Vice President and BSA Administrator for a suburban Chicago bank, where his responsibilities included preparing the bank's annual BSA risk assessment and audit documentation. Earlier as Operations Officer at the same bank, Brian monitored AML activity, aided in the implementation of the bank's AML software, and designed the bank's authentication blocking program that helped to reduce debit card fraud losses by 95 percent. Brian's responsibilities also included managing the bank's Regulation E claims, managing the bank's courtesy overdraft program, reviewing Reg CC hold notices for accuracy, and processing claims for fraudulent signatures and endorsements. 

Mr. Crow has been, and continues to be, an education consultant for BOL Learning Connect, conducting webinars that have covered VISA/MasterCard chargebacks, debit card compliance and fraud prevention for hundreds of banks. It was in this role that Mr. Crow was recognized as a Bankers Online Guru in 2011. 

Like many of us, Mr. Crow began his banking career as a teller, working his way up to head teller and then branch management responsibilities. He earned a B.A. degree in Theology from Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois. Because of his education background, Brian has been given the unofficial title of "Security Evangelist" as he strives to help financial institutions protect their bottom line from losses related to fraud. 

Mary Beth Guard


Mary Beth Guard is one of the four co-founders of BankersOnline. Since its inception, she has served as the site's Executive Editor. Mary Beth is also the director of BankCompliance.com (formerly BOL Insiders), the premier subscription-based compliance service now being offered online. Also, Mary Beth serves as CEO of Glia Group, Inc. (which produces BOL Learning Connect) and is a partner in BankGuard Resources. For more than three decades, Mary Beth has utilized her background as an attorney to focus on banking industry issues, first as general counsel for the Oklahoma State Banking Department, then as general counsel for the Oklahoma Bankers Association, prior to her work with BankersOnline. 

Mary Beth has presented training programs for virtually every major national financial industry association, as well as more than a dozen state bankers associations and a host of other organizations. She is a frequent presenter of webinars and seminars. In addition, Mary Beth has written more than a thousand banking-related articles and is BOL Guru #1. 

Terri Luttrell, CAMS-Audit

Abrigo, formerly Banker's Toolbox, Sageworks, and MST

Terri Luttrell is a seasoned AML professional with over 20 years in the banking industry, working both in medium and large community and commercial banks ranging from $18 billion to $330 billion in asset size. She started her banking career in commercial lending, moving to deposit operations and the compliance/fraud arenas where she was Director and AML/OFAC Officer. She has successfully worked with institutions in developing BSA/OFAC programs, optimizing various automated solutions, and streamlining processes while ensuring all regulatory requirements are met. She has also managed a team of AML investigators for a large/cross border institution giving her an enhanced sense of AML risk in our institutions along the Mexican/US border. Terri is currently a Senior Manager of Strategy & Engagement with Abrigo (formerly Banker's Toolbox) and is CAMS-Audit certified. 

Betsy Maesen

Liaison to industry, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Betsy serves as FinCEN's Liaison to Industry providing BSA/AML subject matter expertise on a variety of financial services covered by the BSA. She specializes in money services businesses (MSBs), the virtual currency industry, and the gaming (casino) industry. Betsy manages activities of the executive-level Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group (BSAAG) and related committees and provides mentoring and training for junior staff and speak at local and national industry events. 

Prior to serving as Liaison to Industry, Betsy led the implementation of a multi-year plan to consolidate call centers and other operational functions across two government agencies. She coordinated with senior management to implement internal and external business process changes and led the creation and implementation of the Money Services Businesses (MSB) registration Web site--helping to transition industry away from paper and to the more timely electronic notification of registration status. 

For several years, she managed activities of the Regulatory Helpline, now called the FinCEN Resource Center (FRC). She interpreted and reviewed regulations pertaining to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the USA PATRIOT Act and trained Helpline staff on the proper analysis and interpretation of BSA regulations. Betsy led BSA presentations at national and state association conferences and other outreach events and I traveled with senior officials and provided regulatory support during external outreach meetings. 

Prior to joining FinCEN, Betsy worked in the government relations field, serving as a liaison between clients and Congress members. She contributed to the development of client request initiatives that resulted in the designation over $1 million in appropriated funds annually. She also analyzed key Social Security, education, and civil service reform legislation and routinely communicated with congressional staff and members of Congress. 

Chuck Taylor

AML RightSource

Mr. Taylor serves as Executive VP, Head of Financial Crimes Advisory at AML RightSource. He has over 20 years of regulatory compliance experience with multiple financial institutions. Mr. Taylor is an expert in Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions compliance. He regularly speaks at local and national conferences, is a founding member and former Co-Chair of the ACAMS SoCal Chapter, and serves as Board Chair of the West Coast Anti-Money Laundering Forum. Mr. Taylor obtained his bachelor's degree in communication from University of California, Santa Barbara, earned his juris doctorate at Santa Barbara College of Law and attended Pacific Coast Banking School. Mr. Taylor is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a Certified AML and Fraud Professional (CAFP). In 2014 Mr. Taylor was recognized as the ACAMS AML Professional of the Year. 

Thomas J. Welch

Supervisory Special Agent

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Phoenix Office

Mr. Thomas J. Welch is a Supervisory Special Agent for the HSI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Phoenix Office where he has oversight over HSI financial investigations in the Federal District of Arizona. This Financial Group is responsible for conducting investigations into Transnational Criminal Organizations TCO's that involve the crimes of money laundering as they relate to narcotics and human smuggling as well as conduct investigations in reference to violations of wire fraud and bank fraud. He and his group are members of two significant task forces: (1.) the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Financial Task Force with the Phoenix Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety and (2.) the Suspicious Activity and Border Related Task Force with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation Division. Mr. Welch also serves as an instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for basic and advanced courses. Mr. Welch began his law enforcement career in 1991 as a Special Agent with the Arizona Attorney General's Office in Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked in the Organized Crime, Major Fraud and Environmental Crimes Units. Mr. Welch is a graduate of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Justice Studies. 

Tim White

AML RightSource

Mr. White is Vice President, Business Development and Sanctions at AML RightSource. He has over 35 years of sales experience within the banking and financial services sector; 25 years specifically focused on OFAC, international sanctions, and BSA compliance. Mr. White is an OFAC/Sanctions specialist and has consulted and trained on the topics for several government and private initiatives. He has spoken at many notable conferences, including ACAMS and ABA events, and has published articles in the ABA Bank Compliance Magazine, ACAMS Today, and Western Banking Magazine. Mr. White earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Iowa.