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Course description

Debit Card fraud has grown to be an $11 billion industry. It may seem that the payment card industry has been slow to keep up with this alarming trend as the methods of obtaining card data exceed those of prevention. Further the regulatory and card branding rules seem to be stacked against the bank. Dispute processors, buried under the weight of Regulation E and VISA/MasterCard requirements, often do not have the time or the training to utilize the latest fraud prevention techniques. The combination of sophisticated crooks combined with outdated technology, compliance pressures, and insufficient resources can leave a bank with no means to close the flood gates of fraud losses.

The bank need not resign itself to this fate. A well designed debit card program that includes strong consumer education, error resolution procedures, and transaction monitoring is the key to stemming the tide of losses. In this session Brian will cover all three of these phases, including:

  • A history of how card fraud has evolved.
  • Current fraud trends and methods the crooks use.
  • Consumer education resources
  • Transactions types that are most vulnerable to fraud loss
  • Reg E investigation tips/procedures
  • Dispute examples when Reg E does and does not apply
  • Authentication-Blocking strategy
  • VISA/MasterCard rules for EMV (chip) cards

The program will benefit front line staff tasked with conducting interviews of debit card fraud victims, back office dispute processors, and risk managers. VISA/MasterCard chargeback rules will not be discussed in detail, but several real world examples of investigations will be included.


Brian Crow

Brian Crow, CAMS is Managing Partner & Co-President at Thomas Compliance Associates, Inc. in Chicago, IL. Brian’s passion for and skill in protecting bank assets from fraud and compliance losses have earned him the nickname “Security Evangelist.” In addition to developing and guiding the strategic vision for TCA, Brian delivers focused educational support to clients and helps them manage TCA’s suite of consulting, audit, and training services. He is a nationally recognized expert on BSA/AML and deposit compliance and is a regular speaker at the annual BSA/AML Top Gun Conference. As an education consultant for the Glia Group BOL Learning Connect program, Brian conducts webinars on topics like VISA/MasterCard chargebacks, debit card compliance, and fraud prevention. For this work, he was recognized as a Bankers Online Guru in 2011. “Bach to Spock” could characterize his interests outside work. Music has been a lifelong passion, and Brian is the organist and handbell director for King of Glory Lutheran Church in Elgin, Illinois. And as a devoted Trekkie, he can hold my own with anyone in a Star Trek trivia match.

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