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Course description

All too often the person(s) conducting robbery training or handling the aftermath of a robbery have very little background in the area. A majority of the time they have never experienced a robbery or been involved with the aftermath.  This groundbreaking webinar is for those people who have little to no idea what to expect before, during or after a robbery event.   The first hour of the webinar educates the trainer or responders on bank robberies that have occurred to financial institutions who thought it never would happen here.

The second hour is broken into two segments.  The first segment is a program you can present to your frontline staff for annual security training.  The second segment has been prepared for the back office those staff members that don’t work directly with your accountholders.  This provides them robbery training that doesn’t involve how cash is dispensed instead it focuses on what they should do during and after the robbery.            

Section 1:   The New Normal – Robbery Training (1 Hour)

In the last two years financial institution procedures have changed radically.  If your institution is implementing cash recyclers, opening apps, or operating a pod branch you need to be updated.  One of the major changes is you now have to talk with the robber if you have a cash recycler! Guards are always a big question do you need them or do you not?  This program will discuss using guards the good and the bad with utilizing this technique. If your institution has embraced these modern concepts without changing the robbery procedures someone can get hurt or killed.  This dynamic fact filled session will prepare you for the new normal in bank robbery.  

Section 2: Robbery Training for Frontline Staff (30 Minutes)

Meets the Requirements of Regulation H

The second hour has been divided into two training programs.  The first is for frontline staff essentially accountholder contact personnel at any location.  We will discuss what to do before, during and after the robbery.  Combine the threat of violence and the use of force with the nervousness of perpetrators and the foolish acts of heroism by victims, and it’s no wonder that law enforcement considers robbery to be one of society’s most dangerous crimes. In fact, a robbery victim’s own actions may exacerbate the situation, resulting in brutal attacks, serious injuries and even death. 

Section 3: Robbery Training for Back Office Staff (30 Minutes) 

Meets the Requirements of Regulation H

The final segment will be training for the back office.  This is defined as anyone who has limited customer contact from the CEO to the accounting department.  The changes in technology and pod banking has changed how these people should respond to a robbery situation that they stumble across.  We won’t be discussing what the teller has to do!  We will be teaching back office staff how to handle the robbery to avoid hostage situations, provide excellent information for law enforcement while helping the victim teller from afar.    

Who Should Attend:

Security officers, risk management professionals, internal auditors and staff in human resources that must handle the aftermath of robbery events. 


Barry Thompson and Arvin Clar

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