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 All financial institutions are required to conduct periodic bank robbery training.  But how can we make sure we will do the right thing if it happens?  Experience has shown that we cannot assume simply everyone will react as they should.  In this dynamic session, we will go beyond the typical training to discuss statistics and current trends, best methods of deterrence, lessons learned, opening procedures, closing procedures, and the before, during, and after robbery process.  Knowledge is power and complacency is the enemy of preparation.  We will discuss how to avoid habits that put us at risk, the importance of situational awareness, and staying calm in the face of danger.  

This session will focus on simple, basic techniques that may save lives.  Although robbery is reportedly the biggest fear of most bank employees, many institutions fail to take necessary steps to prepare for and prevent robberies.  

This session will not only cover fundamentals but is designed to help attendees understand the mindset of a robber, and the importance of everyone’s role in deterrence and safe response.

Program Highlights:

Determining vulnerabilities

Types of robberies

Latest robbery statistics

Examination of recent cases

Morning glory robberies

Proper opening procedures

Safe closing procedures

Steps to take during a robbery

Actions to avoid during a robbery

Being a good observer

How to stay calm under pressure

Habits that endanger

Situational awareness

Reducing your risk




Carol Dodgen

Carol Dodgen is the owner of Dodgen Security Consulting. Since 1998, her company has been providing services for businesses, financial institutions, and government entities to include training, ATM lighting inspections, and security assessments. Before forming her company, Carol served as the security training officer for Compass Bank. She earned her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and spent several years as an adjunct criminal justice instructor. Carol is a nationally recognized speaker who has provided training for over 100,000 corporate, manufacturing, utility, law enforcement, and security personnel over the past 26 years. Carol earned her CPD (Crime Prevention Designation) and provides instruction on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Workplace Violence Prevention and Response, Robbery Prevention and Response, and Personal Safety. Carol has recently produced several video and e-learning training programs. In 2009, Carol was appointed by the governor to serve on the newly formed Alabama Security Regulatory Board and served for 6 years as vice-chair of this board which regulates the security guard industry in the state

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Bonnie Hybertson

Good information. I like to know sites to reference for information. Thank you

Good information. I like to know sites to reference for information. Thank you

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