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Course description

"What does BSA require of your Program" vs. "What is a good idea to implement as part of your Program?" vs. “What are examiner expectations of a sound BSA Program?”  If you had unlimited monetary and staffing resources, you may not care how much time, energy and money is used to comply with BSA; however, the reality is that we can’t monitor every customer and every transaction, so we have to determine which areas are of highest money laundering, terrorist financing or fraud risk. Recent guidance indicates that examiners are taking a risk-based approach and are encouraging their member financial institutions to do the same.  Buyer beware. Before you take this as carte blanche to start cutting back on our processes, this session will help identify relevant risk factors we should consider and how that translates to policy and procedures that makes sense for your institution.  We will also cover what happens if you get it wrong and review how BSA regulatory enforcement actions are implemented. 


This information packed 90 minute webinar will review the April 2020 and March 2021 Federal Financial Institution’s Examination Council Interagency Statements which clarifies mandatory regulatory requirements versus supervisory expectations.   We will also do a deep dive into the interagency guidance on risk-based approaches to BSA examinations and provide useful tips on preparing for the new exam model by building out your risk assessment.  To take the stress out of preparing for your exam, we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of managing your exam process from beginning to end and examiner hot topics to be mindful of.  Finally, the program will also describe circumstances in which regulatory enforcement actions, both formal and informal, are meted out.  


Who Should Attend:

BSA Officers, Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Auditors, Board Members, Senior Management


Robin Guthridge

Robin has a strong background in Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, leadership, and sales management. In addition to performing BSA examinations and validations of automated surveillance monitoring systems, she provides high level consultations regarding all aspects of the BSA and assists institutions with post examination remediation and enforcement action resolution. Robin is a sought-after speaker for local, state, and national industry events and provides customized BSA and deposit compliance training solutions. Her firsthand experience working in the financial services industry allows Robin to provide meaningful insight and helpful recommendations in the areas of BSA, Title 31, and deposit compliance. Her goal is to exceed expectations with every contact.

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