New - Regulation CC: New Rules for Holds July 1, 2020

Recorded on April 2, 2020   |   With Deborah Crawford

New - Regulation CC: New Rules for Holds July 1, 2020

With Deborah Crawford
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Course description

Increasing check fraud makes it incredibly important to understand how to place a hold on a transaction account.  Your increased risk of loss from check scams increases as the hold amounts go up in July.  

Program Highlights:

During this program we will look at risk-based situations and help your tellers make good sound decisions about when to place a hold and which hold to use.  New numbers and new geographies should be integrated into your annual training for regulation.  This difficult regulation will be made simple for your frontline with practical examples, practice problems and job aids that will help them protect your customer and your financial institution from fraud and loss.

What you will learn:

-New hold amounts

-Understanding the disclosure at new accounts and what your policy is

-Understanding case-by-case holds

-Large deposit, reasonable cause, repeated overdraft, redeposited items, emergency conditions holds

-Problems and hypothetical situations to practice holds

-How to use holds to protect your customer and your bank 

-Receive a training manual to accompany your own staff training

Course Curriculum

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Deborah Crawford
Deborah Crawford

Deborah Crawford is the President of gettechnical inc. She specializes in compliance and regulations for the deposit side of financial institutions. Her 27+ year career in banking and training began at Hibernia National Bank. She has been a seminar leader for many state associations and credit union groups across the nation. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Louisiana State University.