Live Webinar - Annual Harassment Prevention Training - January 16, 2019

With Diane Reed

Live Webinar - Annual Harassment Prevention Training - January 16, 2019

With Diane Reed
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In today’s “Me Too” world, properly training your staff on how NOT to behave is just as important as training them on the basics of your products and services. Let’s face it, we encounter more law suites and “charges” in the Human Resources arena than we do in the fraud department. But… the majority of them can, and should, be avoided. Going to work everyday shouldn’t create angst in anyone. This informative and entertaining webinar takes a look at harassment, defines what it is and isn’t, provides specific examples of inappropriate behavior, and examines a Sample Anti-Harassment Policy.

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Diane  Reed
Diane Reed

Diane Reed is a nationally recognized speaker, writer and communications professional, Diane Reed, currently serves as President of CUDoctor, a full-service financial services consultancy, assisting organizations nationwide with human resource, marketing, community relations, compliance, sales, training, board relations and governance, and executive support.  Prior to joining CUDoctor, Diane served for more than a decade as Vice President of Administration for a mid-sized credit union. Diane's expertise in "Service-Oriented Culture Change" has been cited in a host of industry magazines.  She has co-authored cross-discipline (Human Resources and Security) articles such as "Bad Guys Don't Always Wear Black" and, her marketing expertise has been featured in articles for "Exhibit Builder" and "Business Management" magazines.  Prior to joining the financial services industry, Diane acted as Marketing Communications Director at Carfax, Inc.; as Communications Director for the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc. and as Marketing Director for Creative Hairdressers, Inc.  In addition, Diane was a nationally ranked Public Speaking Coach at George Mason University for nearly a decade specializing in speech and the oral interpretation of literature.  Today, she serves as a Guest Lecturer with the University and speaks to classes in "Small Group Communication", "Communication in the Workplace", and "Corporate Culture Creation & Maintenance".  She attended The American University and graduated from George Mason University where she specialized in Organizational Communication.  Diane currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia.