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Course description

With all of the "press" being given to the mortgage crisis and the resulting changes to lending regulations, it is easy to forget that your financial institution must remain vigilant on all compliance issues. But allow just one employee to incorrectly provide a federal agency with a copy of a consumer's bank statement and your financial institution can be making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Whether you are a compliance auditor or compliance officer, this session will assist in you identifying those "orphan" laws and regulations that can harbor serious risks.

  • Right to Financial Privacy Act - This is not the same as Regulation P, Privacy of Consumer Financial Information. Providing information to a federal agency outside of this law can expose your FI to litigation and fines.
  • Reg. H (Bank Protection Act) - This is one of the few regulations that specifically require training. Who should receive this & how often?
  • Reg. D (Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions) - Who really cares if your FI monitors money market accounts for excessive withdrawals? Your board will care, a lot, if failure to do so costs them in fines and interest.
  • Reg. P (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information) - Does your FI share consumer information? (Hint: it would be difficult to conduct business if they do not) Are they properly notifying consumers of their practices?


Partner, Cashman Compliance Solutions, LLC

Patricia Cashman

Patricia Cashman is a partner in Cashman Compliance Solutions, LLC. She is responsible for consumer compliance reviews, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering reviews, and compliance and BSA training. Patricia began her banking career in 1969. She has been the senior operations officer for three Dallas-Ft. Worth area community banks, an assistant examiner for the Texas Department of Banking and managed the compliance/internal audit division of TIB - The Independent BankersBank, one of the largest bankers' banks in the country. Additionally, Patricia has spoken as a webcast/teleconference presenter for the American Bankers Association (ABA), BankersOnline (BOL) and the Center for Financial Training (CFT), taught a variety of compliance subjects for the Texas Bankers Association (TBA) and ABA at their respective Compliance Schools. She also serves as a BOL GURU and been a speaker/trainer for numerous banks and compliance organizations.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Auditing for the "Orphan" Compliance Regulations

  • 2


    • Right to Financial Privacy Act Workpaper

    • Bank Protection Act Workpaper

    • Reg D Workpaper - 1

    • Reg D Workpaper - 2

    • Reg D Workpaper - 3

    • Reg D Workpaper - 3

    • Reg P - Initial & Annual Disclosures

    • Reg P Workpaper

    • Right to Financial Privacy Act

    • Slides