New - New Account Stories You Can Learn From

Recorded on March 18, 2020   |   With Mary Beth Guard

New - New Account Stories You Can Learn From

With Mary Beth Guard
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Over the last forty years, Mary Beth Guard has encountered hundreds of horror stories that have one thing in common:  a screw-up at the time of account opening.  One step skipped, a deviation in procedures, a wrong box checked, a question answered incorrectly, an important fraud clue missed.  So much can go wrong, particularly if the person opening the new account has never had the benefit of a straightforward explanation of why we do what we do.  This program provides that very important background.

Other programs explain the steps for opening new accounts and how to complete those steps.  This webinar begins where those programs leave off and it wraps the process in a context so those who attend understand the big picture, how it all fits together, and what the goal of each step is.

The deeper the understanding of the issues surrounding each part of the new account opening procedures, the less likely a new account rep will be to deviate from the required steps.

We look at “What can happen IF . . .”   This program will be easy to listen to and chock full of memorable examples extracted from decades of Mary Beth Guard’s experience helping scores of banks deal with the aftermath of account openings gone wrong.  These are stories that will stick with listeners throughout their banking career and guide them to make the right choices time after time.

Who should attend:  New Account Representatives and Supervisors; Customer Service Reps; In-house Trainers.

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Mary Beth Guard
Mary Beth Guard

Mary Beth Guard is a seasoned banking attorney who is one of the four co-founders of  and its original Executive Editor.  She is now Editor Emeritus of the site.   She was instrumental in the creation and expansion of BankersOnline, as well as the launch more than a decade ago of BOL Conferences, Inc. and its continued operation and growth.  Mary Beth also serves as CEO of Glia Group, Inc., which produces BOL Learning Connect training for the banking industry. For nearly four decades, Mary Beth has utilized her background as an attorney to focus on banking industry issues, first as general counsel for the Oklahoma State Banking Department, then as general counsel for the Oklahoma Bankers Association, prior to her work with BankersOnline.

Mary Beth has presented training programs for virtually every major national financial industry association, more than a dozen state bankers associations and a host of other organizations, including various graduate schools of banking. She is a frequent presenter of webinars and seminars. In addition, Mary Beth has written more than a thousand banking-related articles and is BOL Guru #1.