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Course description

During the last few years we have had the Secure Act 1.0 and Secure Act 2.0 and new regulations on RMDs and Inherited IRAs.  Plus, we have a myriad of new exceptions to the 10% penalty.   Learn how to manage the paperwork and reporting for these complex distribution rules.  

Program Highlights:

-Required Minimum Distribution Age changes 

-Charitable Distributions

-Managing Inherited IRAs with new regulations

               Designated Beneficiaries 

               Nondesignated Beneficiaries

               Eligible Designated Beneficiaries

               Trusts As Beneficiary

-Reporting on the 1099R  and 5498 Update for 2023

-Handling amendments and changes

-New W-4R Form and Withholding 

-Repayments and Postponed contributions

-IRS withholding on escheatments

-IRS tax levies on IRAs

-Inherited IRAs and Bankruptcy

-And much much more


What you will receive:

600+ IRA Handbook


Deborah Crawford

Deborah Crawford is the President of gettechnical inc. She specializes in compliance and regulations for the deposit side of financial institutions. Her 27+ year career in banking and training began at Hibernia National Bank. She has been a seminar leader for many state associations and credit union groups across the nation. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Louisiana State University.

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