Forgery, Altered Documents & Counterfeiting: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Recorded on June 18, 2014   |   With Dana Turner

Forgery, Altered Documents & Counterfeiting: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

With Dana Turner
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Course description

With all of the attention paid to electronic crimes, we often forget that many of the most successful financial institution crimes have very simple roots. And very simple solutions. There are forgery methods, document alteration methods and counterfeiting methods that both line staff and their supervisors can learn quickly that will likely help them identify most forgery-related crimes - and then stop them. Any department and function may be compromised by a skilled forgery in a number of ways. Find out how.

Segment contents include . . .

  • Introduction
  • Forgery
  • Documents Most Commonly Forged & Altered
  • Forgery Methods
    • Tracing
    • Simulation
    • Facsimile
    • Blind
  • Questioned Document Examination Issues
  • Document Evidence Processes
    • Paper Products As Evidence
    • Paper Products Containing Handwriting As Evidence
  • Signature Verification Process
  • Forgery & Alteration Clues
  • Altered Documents
  • Document Alteration Tools
    • Ballpoint pen
    • Bleeder pen
    • Gel pen
  • Document Alteration Techniques
    • Erasure
    • Bleach
    • Opaque Liquid Cover-Up
    • Cellophane Taped-Material
    • Self-Adhesive Paper Product
    • Red Ballpoint Pen
    • Overwriting
    • Addition
    • Printing
      • Daisy-Wheel Typewriter Or Dot-Matrix Printer
      • Ink-Jet Printer
      • Laser Printer
    • Counterfeiting And Duplication
    • Imprinting Machine And "Jailhouse Art"
    • Magnetic Routing Number
  • Forgery Suspects
    • Business forgeries
    • Family and friend forgeries
    • Substance abuse and addiction forgeries
    • Career offender forgeries
  • Common Forgery Schemes
    • Cashing A Stolen Check
    • Cashing A Stolen Check
    • Customer Impersonation Schemes & Identify Theft
    • Forged Withdrawal Forgery
    • Split Deposit Or "Less-Cash" Forgery
    • Forged Loan Or Line Of Credit Application
    • Authorization Note Withdrawal
    • Travelers Check
    • Money Order

    Security Officers, bookkeepers, retail operations managers, tellers, fraud investigators, lenders, safe deposit box clerks and new accounts personnel

Course Curriculum

Forgery, Altered Documents & Counterfeiting: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
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Dana Turner
Dana Turner