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Course description

Frontline employees are asked to service customers and cross sell services.  Unfortunately, many of these employees have not been exposed to specific lending training. What type of training should frontline employees have regarding fair lending?  Could a frontline employee’s treatment of an applicant cause a problem in the next fair lending exam or a complaint?

This webinar focuses on the role of frontline employees who interact with loan applicants and potential applicants, and what those employees need to know to avoid creating fair lending risk for your bank.


What you will learn:

  • How to respond to an applicant who asks "Do you think I'll qualify for a loan?"
  • What forms an oral application under Reg B 
  • When a written application is required and what it must request from the applicant
  • The questions you can ask a loan applicant, and those you should NOT ask
  • The type of comments that would discourage an applicant
  • What happens when you deny a loan request.
  • How the withdrawal of an application should be documented and handled.
  • Steps for taking and processing consumer and mortgage applications, including a review of the revised appraisal copy requirements for first lien dwellings.
  • An understanding of the different types of discrimination and prohibited bases under the ECOA and Fair Housing Act.
  • How your bank should handle complaints, especially complaints about potential discrimination or unfair, deceptive or abusive practices

You will also get helpful tools and resources including a compliance matrix.

Who Should Attend: This informative session is designed for compliance officers, auditors, loan officers, loan assistants, loan administration staff and any employee having contact with prospective loan applicants.


Susan Costonis

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    • Fair Lending for the Frontline

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