Currency Transaction Report (CTR): Line-By-Line for Tellers - 2015

Recorded on August 13, 2015   |   With Deborah Crawford

Currency Transaction Report (CTR): Line-By-Line for Tellers - 2015

With Deborah Crawford
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Course description

ICB Credit: 2.5 CRCM

Check it off your educational requirements for this year. Yes, this will count as your teller's annual job specific BSA training in the area of Currency Transaction Reports. Don't miss this informative and easy to follow CTR training for the frontline. Plus the CTR Handbook a must for every person who completes CTRs.

Completing the electronic Currency Transaction Report line-by- line webinar is a comprehensive review of all the details involved in completing a CTR. You will receive a CTR Handbook with multiple examples and training materials on how to complete the CTR in various instances. You will not want to miss this comprehensive review of the CTR designed for those who work the front line and support BSA efforts.

  • Line by line review of the report
  • The three key sections of the CTR
  • Review which data fields are required and which are not required
  • Learn about NAICs codes and their use in the CTR
  • Understanding and using the FinCEN directed back filing box
  • How to fill out the CTR on Sole Proprietors, LLCs and Joint Accounts
  • How to name your report when more than on entity is involved
  • RSSD numbers by branch
  • What is a FinCEN directed back filing
  • Understand NAICS codes and occupation requirements
  • How to complete for multiple persons, joint accounts and unknown person
  • How to complete when your account holder has multiple businesses and personal accounts
  • How to complete when you have a trust, power of attorney or other fiduciary transaction
  • How to handle wires, prepaid access, checks cashed and other transactions
  • How to complete for IOLTA accounts
  • How to complete when a customer has multiple "dba" names
  • What to do when there are multiple transactions which are all under $10,000

Designed for tellers, new account representatives, branch managers, branch administration, BSA officers, BSA Coordinators and any employee who completes the CTR.

Course Curriculum

Currency Transaction Report (CTR): Line-By-Line for Tellers
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Deborah Crawford
Deborah Crawford

Deborah Crawford is the President of gettechnical inc. She specializes in compliance and regulations for the deposit side of financial institutions. Her 27+ year career in banking and training began at Hibernia National Bank. She has been a seminar leader for many state associations and credit union groups across the nation. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Louisiana State University.