Annual Robbery Response Training


Annual Robbery Response Training

With Bankers Video Library
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Course description

Annual training covering robbery response is easily accomplished with this up-to-date video training program. The totally, absolutely incorrect way to respond is illustrated before the efficient, calm, correct way is demonstrated by the same individuals. Trying to keep robbery response training "painless" and "different" has always been the goal for the security officer. Bankers Video Library helps do just that. We've also included the FBI's "Meet and Greet" suggestion that can be adapted to any banking office.

(Runs approximately 28 minutes.)

Covered Thoroughly:

  • Meets required training under Bank Protection Act and Regulations
  • Shows “wrong response” in a really memorable way
  • Compares with "right response" by same now-trained people
  • Illustrates more secure single person opening
  • Has clear, sequential response post-robbery actions
  • Describes alternative security measures
  • Includes recommended FBI suggestions for prevention
  • Includes material that can be used in the office for robbery response
  • Suggestions for law enforcement liaison also in material

Course Curriculum

Robbery Response Training Video
Robbery Response Training Video
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Robbery Response Quiz - Test your learning
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Instructors Study Guide
Robbery Response Instructors Study Guide
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Participant's Study Guide
Robbery Response Participant's Study Guide
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Bankers Video Library
Bankers Video Library



President, Hurst Associates, Inc.

Executive Editor, Bankers’ Hotline

After several career changes including those of secretary, writing, and working public relations for a local college, Barbara spent 15 years in the banking industry in the security department of a commercial bank, the last seven of which she served as Security Director. Her bank grew in 15 years from a multi-million dollar bank to a $6 billion dollar one with 60 branches. Her department covered investigations, claims, security and compliance training, operations, record production and retention, law enforcement liaison, and anti-money laundering compliance and reporting.

  • In 1986, when her bank was swallowed by Midlantic and subsequently by PNC, she started her own corporation teaching security and compliance to bankers, government agencies, law enforcement and others. She also worked as a security consultant and an expert witness.
  • She was a faculty member for Mosler's Anti-Crime Bureau School and for the ABA Security School and wrote an award winning text book for the ABA Security Certification program. She has also authored many articles in magazines and periodicals such as the Banking Journal.
  • She has taught security seminars for banking organizations, law enforcement, and at security and compliance conferences nationwide. She has done guest lecture work at Universities and at National Trade Association Security and Risk Management Conferences, working in 48 states and internationally - doing sessions on bank security in Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and in Russia.
  • In 1990 she went into partnership with George Milner when they created the Bankers’ Hotline - she as editor, and George as publisher. Three years later the partnership produced the first Security Officers Workshop.
  • In 1997 they produced the first video for the Bankers Video Library - Preparation Prevents Panic - a robbery response video. Since that time Barbara has written many more banking subject scripts, which were then produced by George and included in the Bankers Video Library. She has appeared in many of them as narrator.
  • Barbara works at staying on top of what is happening in the banking industry. Her presentations combine information with humor, and she tends to attract speakers of similar talents to the Security Workshops. She is a Guru on