BSA/AML Compliance: Recent Developments and Common Errors

January 6, 2016   |   With Ken Golliher

BSA/AML Compliance: Recent Developments and Common Errors

With Ken Golliher
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Course description

ICB Credit: 2.5 CRCM

Are you looking for an efficient, focused update & reminder on BSA Compliance? You’ve found it!

Ongoing Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) training is a legal requirement. For the experienced BSA Officer or Auditor, that training needs to focus on

  • recent developments and
  • reminders regarding key issues.

This two hour session was designed for that group.


No other federal regulation contains more stringent, enforceable training requirements than those relating to Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance. Even experienced personnel are expected to maintain their knowledge level with ongoing education. However, sometimes sitting through a full day BSA program leaves experienced personnel hoping for “knowledge nuggets” between the reviews of long-standing requirements.

This program is designed to make that continuing education requirement more efficient and effective. However, the manual is the one that the presenter uses in a full day seminar. It is approximately 125 pages long and includes a full review of domestic BSA requirements. However, this session focuses on specific pulse points in BSA compliance.


This presentation emphasizes common BSA violations and important developments in the preceding 12 months. Registrants have an opportunity to submit questions and suggested areas of emphasis prior to the program. Currently, the issues where emphasis is expected include:

  • Suggestions for how to simply “keep up” with BSA’s constant evolution
  • Reminders about compliance issues that are common errors or problems in BSA examinations
  • Reviews of key FinCEN announcements made in the last several months
  • Status of ANPRM on “beneficial ownership”
  • Recent BSA-AML enforcement actions
  • Suggestions for content of general interest received by registrants in advance of the program

Course Curriculum

BSA/AML Compliance: Recent Developments and Common Errors, Presented by Ken Golliher
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Ken  Golliher
Ken Golliher

Ken is a principal with Pegasus Educational Services, LLC, a training firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. He is an experienced banker with a unique ability to reduce complex legal concepts to plain English. He has explained the "why" and "how" of regulations to thousands of financial institution personnel and examiners. Ken's banking career began in 1972 and includes serving as a teller, commercial operations manager and as trust department legal counsel in a state and a national bank. For ten years he headed the education division of a regional consulting firm for financial institutions. He has served on the faculty of the LSU Graduate School of Banking, the OTS' Level I Compliance School and the FDIC's Advanced Consumer Protection school for examiners. He has presented seminars in more than 25 states and has served as an instructor at compliance schools sponsored by the Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas bankers associations. He is a member of the Society for Applied Learning Technology. He is also a "BOL Guru."