Handling the Aftermath of a Critical Incident

Recorded on September 4, 2019   |   With Barry Thompson and Arvin Clar

Handling the Aftermath of a Critical Incident

With Barry Thompson and Arvin Clar
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Course description

Critical Incidents are one area that financial institutions overlook until a problem emerges.  A domestic violence incident, workplace violence or a bank robbery gone wrong all can bring an immediate response from press, families and accountholders.  When the emergency crews and law enforcement leave investigators from the law firms that are going to litigate the incident arrive.

Everyone knows what to do before and during a bank robbery or critical incident, knowing what to do after is more important!  Many financial institutions discover a year after a violent incident the entire staff from the branch has left them or moved to noncustomer contact positions.  The employee who handled the incident two years later has a complete change in personality and no one connects the problems to the critical incident.  Immediately after the incident management isn’t sure what to do? Should we provide counseling, provide a security guard and are there warning signs we should be aware of concerning problems for staff in the future?  Next arrives the investigators for law firms that are going to litigate the incident.  Leaving management wondering, “How did we get here?” This webinar handles problems that management may overlook because they have never studied this area.       

This fast-moving program will review how to handle the immediate aftermath of the incident followed by the post mortem.   Why, did this incident occur at our financial institution?  Could we have prevented it and how do we proceed now? 


In this program, we will cover-

The Critical Incident 

Giving emotional support and diffusing anxiety

Securing the scene of the incident

Victim first aid

Crisis management

Getting our people back to work

Critical incident stress debriefing

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Post Mortem

What caused the event

Social media what is our staff saying

Reviewing your facilities for problems

Preparing for the eventual lawsuit

Who Should Attend:

Auditors, Branch Managers, Human Resources, Internal Auditors, Office Managers, Risk Management, Security Officers or anyone who handles emergency response procedures for your financial institution!

Course Curriculum

Handling the Aftermath of a Critical Incident
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Barry Thompson and  Arvin Clar
Barry Thompson and Arvin Clar

Barry Thompson is a nationally-recognized speaker, consultant, and former banker, with 40 years of service to the financial institution industry. Barry’s financial services career spanned 22 years before he “retired” to establish Thompson Consulting Group, LLC, his consulting firm that assists financial institutions in competing more effectively by providing services specifically targeted to risk management and security.

During his career, he served as executive vice president, senior vice president, treasurer, compliance officer, and security officer. In these positions, he has worked in or managed operations, accounting, investments, mortgage processing, and special assignments and has worked with architects and contractors in remodeling and designing institution facilities.

Barry has investigated embezzlement cases, identity fraud cases, check kites, and almost all possible criminal incidents against financial institutions. As a security officer, Barry handled over 900 security cases. He has been involved with investigations and prosecutions on the federal, state, and local levels and has testified before grand juries, county courts, bankruptcy

As a professional speaker, few can match his expertise when it comes to discussing the financial services industry. His programs are based on actual experiences that allow him to relate to any group of financial professionals, from the teller to the board of directors. He has made presentations on communications, organizational behavior and management, compliance, and security. He appears frequently before financial institutions and at industry conferences courts, family courts, and the New York State Supreme Court.

Arvin Clar is a nationally known seminar speaker, as well as college-level instructor, in security, police operations, and economic crime. He has been a speaker for many organizations, corporations, and trade groups, and has conducted security evaluations and assessments of financial institutions throughout the United States. His 35 years of experience in the fields of risk assessment and analysis in the financial services industry and premises security and safety issues includes: evaluating