Same-Day ACH: Are you ready? - 2016

Recorded on August 23, 2016   |   With Rayleen Pirnie

Same-Day ACH: Are you ready? - 2016

With Rayleen Pirnie
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Course description

ICB Credit: 2.5 CRCM

NACHA approved Same-Day ACH to be rolled out over the course of the next three years, with phase one going into effect September 2016. While most in the industry consider Same-Day ACH a major win to move funds faster, there are a lot of considerations to ensure your community bank is not only processing correctly, but that you are also prepared to minimize exposure to losses. During this webinar, we will review some common misunderstandings and questions surrounding Same-Day entries processing to ensure your bank is prepared for each phase of implementation.

Attendees will develop a to-do list and have hands-on practice in determining if an entry is same-day or next day settlement.

In this webinar we will evaluate:

  • Same-Day ACH background
  • How Same-Day ACH affects community banks and their customers
  • How to prepare for Same-Day ACH
    • The phases of implementation
    • How to tell if an entry is Same-Day
    • Which entries are allowed in Same-Day ACH and which are prohibited
    • The need for educating business customers
    • Key considerations selecting business customers who are approved to use Same-Day ACH
  • Costs
  • Opportunities for community banks
  • Anticipated challenges
  • Considerations for managing enhanced risk and fraud potential

Who Should Attend:
Operations, Management, Account Officers, Compliance, Auditors

Course Curriculum

Same-Day ACH: Are you ready?(
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Rayleen Pirnie
Rayleen Pirnie

Rayleen is the founder and owner of RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC based in Missouri. She is a nationally recognized payments risk and fraud expert who offers specialized consulting services, procedural and risk management reviews, and payments education. Rayleen’s specialized skill is delving into the world beyond the payment rules; areas where organizations often find themselves in positions of liability or loss with little to no clear guidance. Her programs help organizations identify and mitigate risk and exposure from multiple disciplines. She is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP) who has worked with all payment systems for 20 years. Rayleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.